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Auschwitz, A Tale of Wind

An app devoted to the children of the Shoah


Jou Jou and Didier are deported to Auschwitz together with their father. A journey by train, arrival at the camp, separation from their father—as French Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe, they are swept by fate from one reality to the next. Blended with events at the concentration camp are memories of their former life, while through the eyes of the two protagonists the surrounding world is transformed: an oven’s chimney becomes a menacing dragon, a depositary for possessions confiscated from the prisoners a place of imagination and discovery, the barracks an aviary of swirling objects…

Traveling alongside Jou Jou and Didier are the readers, who give life to the scenes by interacting with the objects and characters.

With a delicate touch, this interactive app prepares young children to confront the darkest page in the history of the Holocaust, helping them to form questions and keep this necessary memory alive.

An extra features section allows parents and teachers to contextualize and explain the fictional tale, and to develop future educational activities across multiple disciplines.


App Features:

  • Interactivity: 20 fully interactive color plates
  • A storyline and scenes adapted for young readers (Ages 9+)
  • Extra features: a timeline of the Holocaust, maps of the principal ghettos and concentration camps, a brief bibliography arranged by topic, and a list of accessible films and documentaries
  • Original narrative in Italian and English
  • Original illustrations
  • Original music
  • Voice-over narration in Italian and English


Concept and storyline: Franco A. Grego

Illustrations: Giulia Spanghero

Music: Giovanna Pezzetta and Leo Virgili

Graphic Design: Marta Pellizzari

Translation: Todd Portnowitz

Development: Infofactory Srl

Rating: Ages 9+

Languages: Italian, English

Compatibility: iPad (iOS 6 or later)

Price: $3,99